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A common misconception about weatherization is that it's only useful for people who live in extreme climates and whose houses need to be able to withstand significant temperature changes. In fact, everyone can benefit from weatherization, which is simply the process of making a home more energy-efficient. While weatherization does help to control temperature fluctuations, thereby keeping inhabitants comfortable, it also comes with a host of other benefits:

Weatherization Improves Air Quality

Indoor air quality is an often overlooked aspect of peoples' home environments that can have a big impact on their health and quality of life. Poor ventilation, sealing, and insulation can result in the presence of contaminants such as allergens, mold, dust and viruses in your house. All of these can have serious consequences for inhabitants' health, and can trigger illness, asthma, and allergies. In particular, the National Evaluation of the Weatherization Assistance Program found that in houses that had undergone proper weatherization, there was an 11.5% decrease in emergency room visits for asthma patients.

Weatherization Reduces Energy Burden (and Cost!)

Weatherization doesn't just have a positive effect on your health—it can also have a significant impact on your wallet and the environment. Weatherization measures such as replacing appliances, light bulbs, and showerheads with more efficient models can decrease your demand for energy and water. Similarly, ensuring that your home is well-insulated, sealed, and vented can reduce the need for air conditioning and heat. For the average household, all of this adds up to savings of around $283 in energy costs each year.

Implementing a weatherization program in your home can also have the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. By using less energy and water, you'll decrease your home's carbon footprint, which is a crucial step in doing your part to fight climate change.

Weatherization Minimizes Fire Hazards

Residential fires are responsible for over 2,500 deaths each year. In seeking to increase efficiency, weatherization measures target faulty wiring, appliances, and heaters, all of which are potential fire hazards. Further, installing working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors is an essential step in any weatherization program.

Spectrum Community Services has a weatherization assistance program that can help if you find yourself struggling with how to weatherize a house. Call today to see if you meet our eligibility requirements!

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