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If you’ve ever dreaded working in a corporate cubicle, giving up your dreams of making a difference in your community, or even if you just haven’t found much job satisfaction at your for-profit company, you may want to explore some careers in nonprofits. Here’s why nonprofit careers are so rewarding for so many workers.

1.    Diverse and Meaningful Careers

There’s an astonishing array of nonprofits in the US and abroad, and they work to solve problems at every scale. One organization might work to end world hunger, while another might be tackling food insecurity and isolation among the senior population at the local level with programs designed to support healthy aging.

If you want the satisfaction of working for a worthwhile mission, make a short list of causes you’re most passionate about, and you’ll find countless organizations dedicated to them. There are many moving parts to each nonprofit, so no matter your skill set or personality type, there’s probably a role that will be a good fit for you.

2.    Competitive Benefits

Many nonprofits offer an impressive array of tangible and intangible benefits, including:

  • Robust healthcare packages
  • Generous 401(k) plans and matching programs
  • Employer paid long term disability and life insurance
  • Opportunities for professional development training
  • Flexible working hours, including options to work from home where feasible
  • Small but practical perks like discounts on products and services of participating partners

3. Flexible Roles

You’ll never feel stuck in one role at a nonprofit. Because most of these workers wear multiple hats to keep the organization lean and efficient, you’ll have the chance to explore a variety of tasks and projects. This is a great way to learn new skills, discover new talents and interests, and work with new people. You can start working in almost any entry-level position and move not just up the ranks, but across them as you find the kinds of job titles and responsibilities that suit you best.

Some nonprofits offer flexible schedules as well. Part-time roles can be great for college students, retirees, or anyone with other pre-existing commitments. They’re a great way to follow your passions while finding balance with other aspects of your life.

4. Great Coworkers

People who work for nonprofits are driven by passion and personal interests, not just a paycheck, and they often lead unconventionally rich lives. This means you’re unlikely to have boring or uncaring coworkers, and you may even be inspired by them. As a result, you may develop healthier and more meaningful work relationships. When you’re working together toward a common impactful goal, teamwork and mutual support also come much more naturally.

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