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Innovative Upcycling Initiative by Spectrum and Sparkl Reusables Paves the Way for Sustainable Practices

In a groundbreaking initiative, Spectrum Senior Meals program, in collaboration with Sparkl Reusables, is making significant strides towards environmental sustainability by introducing a pioneering upcycling / repurposing program for reusable plastics. This initiative is a testament to their commitment not only to the well-being of seniors but also to the broader community and the planet.

Spectrum Senior Meals, whose mission is to provide nutritious meals to seniors in Alameda County, has always been at the forefront of fostering positive change. Recognizing the environmental impact of single-use disposable containers, the organization has partnered with Sparkl Reusables, a leading name in eco-friendly solutions, to implement an innovative approach to plastic waste. See us in action here:

Sparkl Reusables brings its waste-reduction expertise to this partnership, ensuring the upcycling process adheres to stringent sustainability standards. By converting used plastics into new products, the program significantly cuts landfill waste and raw material consumption, further reducing environmental footprint.

The upcycling program by Sparkl and Spectrum is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at giving reusable plastics a new lease on life at the end of their lifecycle. Rather than disposing of these materials, we're committed to transforming them into valuable new products through our collaboration.

In this collaboration, we engage in a transformative process with recycled plastics, giving them a new life by upcycling them into robust essentials like plates, bowls, and utensils. This initiative is in partnership with Preserve, a well-known U.S.-based manufacturer specializing in crafting foodware from upcycled, BPA-free plastic.

Alternatively, at local street fairs, these revitalized materials find purpose as food trays, catering to the needs of food trucks. The inspiration for this creative reuse stemmed from a discussion with a visionary food truck vendor who identified the demand for trays akin to clamshells but without the top cover.

As Paul Liotsakis, the founder of Sparkl Reusables, recalls, "a light bulb went on after that conversation." Sparking the idea to repurpose the damaged clamshells by cutting them in half, creating two new pieces of foodware for the cost of one.. The feedback from both food truck vendors and customers has been incredibly positive, further validating the success of this innovative approach.

Duke Hwang, Program Manager for Spectrum Senior Meals, emphasizes the broader vision: "Our collaboration with Sparkl not only addresses waste reduction but also fosters a sense of community responsibility towards a sustainable future." This initiative is more than an environmental effort; it's a testament to the power of community collaboration in promoting a greener planet.

Through this pioneering upcycling program, Spectrum and Sparkl Reusables are setting a precedent for sustainable practices, illustrating how community-focused initiatives can lead to significant environmental progress. For more information about Spectrum’s Senior Meals program and Sparkl Reusables, visit our website

Photos of a customer at a food truck with Sparkl tray that was once part of a clamshell used in Spectrum’s Senior Meal program.

Green Preserve plates seen in the background at a Spectrum Meal Site. These durable plates and bowls may contain a percentage of plastic from retired Sparkl clamshell containers, as seen on the cart.