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We are excited to share the heartwarming stories that have emerged from our Connect Program, a beacon of light for isolated older adults in our community. The positive impact of this initiative is evident in the feedback we've received from both clients and volunteers, highlighting the profound connections and companionship being fostered.

Fannie, a retiree from the educational sector, and her husband Michael, a former Postal Services worker, residing in Hayward. They enjoy hobbies like travel and gardening. Fannie has been part of Spectrum's Senior Meal Program at Josephine Lum Lodge since Spring 2022.

Opting for home meals due to Michael's dietary needs, Fannie praised Spectrum's diverse Senior Meal options, especially the fish dishes. She spoke warmly about JLL staff, emphasizing their helpful nature and the welcoming atmosphere.

Spectrum Community Services proudly welcomes Kiely Hosmon as our new Director of People and Culture, making a significant stride towards fostering a workplace characterized by a culture of trust, inclusivity, and excellence.


With a healthy lifestyle and a little bit of luck, Americans can expect to live about 78 years–the current life expectancy in the United States. For some, 78 is a mere suggestion as they continue to live on for decades past this average, with even fewer making it past the century.

So often, we hear the phrase “quality over quantity” when referring to all sorts of life choices, and this is echoed by many when referring to life itself, as some who live well into old age do so with much discomfort, health ailments, and limited happiness. Yet sometimes, we are lucky enough to hear the stories of those who live well past the century mark that still maintain an active, healthy, and happy life.