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Anniversaries are usually happy occasions full of love and celebration. Spectrum is celebrating our 50th anniversary of service and this March marks the 50th anniversary of the federal senior nutrition program! If you see the “March for Meals” logo, you know that is us, along with thousands of local organizations across the country celebrating caring for our neighbors.

Some other anniversaries bring mixed feelings. As we cross the second anniversary of the Shelter-in-Place due to COVID-19, let’s remember those we have lost and celebrate those who are with us. I’m not sure if it’s just growing older or the pandemic, but I have been more purposeful in reflecting and prioritizing how I spend my time - who I spend time with and what activities I choose to do. As you’ll read in the pages that follow, the Spectrum community of clients, volunteers and staff have an abundance of love, caring, hope, and service to others. They choose to spend their time connecting with others in meaningful ways. Audrey & Charlie’s love story continues everyday as they connect with each other and the volunteers who bring them a smile, and a friendly visit each day along with their meal.

You are invited to join us at the “Show Your Love” wine tasting & pairing event on May 7th to gather, have fun, and support more than just a meal for our senior neighbors. Anniversaries are not for wishing that everything is the same, but for remembrance and planning for our best day today.