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Each Spring, as the grass grows and the flowers bloom, we get the sweet smell of fresh air and all the pollen the trees can release. You may not think of Spring allergies when it comes to fall prevention, but many of the risks we face everyday become exaggerated when our hay fever acts up.
When an allergy occurs, the cells release histamine. In an attempt to stop allergens from entering the body, histamine induces sneezing, and causes the nose and eyes to swell. These symptoms can be disorienting. 
Red watery eyes, sneezing, itchy runny nose, stuffy nose, puffy eyes, coughing or difficulty breathing can all be hazards when trying to move around.
Fall Prevention is all about being aware, and removing hazards. Allergies can compromise our senses, leading to increased risks, which means we need to be extra careful.
Here are some tips to avoid allergy flare ups:

• Limit time outdoors when the pollen levels are high
• Cover up completely when outdoors.
• Wear a mask when gardening.
• Change clothing after being outdoors.
• Wash your hands.
• Remove your shoes before entering the house.
• Use a room or whole-house HEPA filter.

Stay safe and fall free this Spring!