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Put a Spring In Your Step with New Shoes

Many  times throughout the year we wear a specific shoe for a specific reason. Flip flops to the beach, snow boots in the snow, dress shoes for the holidays... but what about the shoes you wear everyday?  Why is your daily footwear important for fall prevention?  Let's take this quick quiz and find out!

Do your feet hurt at the end of the day?  Shoe rubber wears out and hardens, which means it is no longer absorbing impact to cushion your joints.

Are the bottoms of your shoes smooth?  When the tread wears out, your shoes become slippery, which puts you at a higher risk for falls.

Do your shoes fit well?  Shoes that are  too tight and restrict movement can become loose and unstable.

How long have you had the shoes you wear everyday?  The ones that get the most use are the ones you need to spruce up this spring! 

Have a birthday or special day coming up?  These occasions are excellent opportunities to request new shoes!  We often get asked questions like “Hey Mom, what do you want for Mother’s Day?”  Spectrum Fall Prevention highly suggests that your answer to a question such as this be “NEW EXERCISE SHOES!”  That’s exactly what exercise client Margarita did, and her children were very happy to provide her with new athletic shoes for Christmas!

Spectrum Fall Prevention is up and running! Registration is OPEN.  You can join in at any time!