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Spectrum Community Services proudly welcomes Kiely Hosmon as our new Director of People and Culture, making a significant stride towards fostering a workplace characterized by a culture of trust, inclusivity, and excellence.

With an extensive background in community-led equity policy initiatives, Kiely brings a wealth of experience to enhance and elevate our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). In her role, Kiely is focused on strategic hiring practices, fostering open communication channels, and providing support to staff, all aimed at cultivating a positive and inclusive environment where each team member can thrive. Leading with empathy, she is committed to prioritizing employee well-being, challenging conventional thinking, and instilling a culture that values and supports its workforce. Even though her interaction with clients is limited, she finds joy in knowing that Spectrum provides valuable resources to the elders in Alameda County.

Outside of work, Kiely engages in volunteer work aligned with her passion for partner dance. She has been a volunteer for The Kiz Lab for almost two years, contributing to fostering a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for participants of diverse backgrounds to learn and enjoy Urban Kiz and related dance genres. Additionally, she volunteers every year at the Queer Afro-Latin Dance Festival, showcasing her commitment to causes that promote inclusivity and diversity.

In welcoming Kiely Hosmon as the Director of People and Culture, Spectrum Community Services takes a bold step towards creating a workplace that values its employees and prioritizes diversity and inclusion. With her vision and passion, Hosmon is set to make a lasting impact on the Spectrum team and the communities they serve.