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Fall Prevention Program

Falls can be serious, often causing ligamentous sprains or injury to bones and soft tissue. Inactivity can result in losses in muscle mass, endurance and functional range of motion, possibly leading to long-term immobility and loss of independence. The program offers a multi-pronged approach proven to be the most effective strategy to address the range of issues that leads to falls.

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Meals on Wheels

At the core of the Meals on Wheels program is a nutritious meal, and a watchful eye on the health and safety of our seniors. For those who have trouble getting around, we bring the service to you. The program offers healthy, home-delivered meals for seniors who are unable to prepare their own food, and have difficulty with mobility.

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Senior Meals

Freshly prepared, nutritious meals are distributed to various Alameda County locations where registered seniors can pick up a warm, delicious take-away meal.

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